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Florence counts 366.488 inhabitants. Crossed by the Arno river, it was the capital of Italy for a short time after the unification of Italy (1865-1871).
A long time under the domination of the family of Medici (1434-1494, 1512-1527 and 1530-1737), Florence was in medieval Europe an important centre of arts, trading and banking. florence

It is considered as the place of origin of the Rebirth, recognized everywhere like one of the cradles of art and architecture, with its many historical buildings, monuments, and rich museums (among its the Gallery of Uffizi, the Palatina Gallery, Bargello and museums of Palazzo Pitti).

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Places of interest in Florence

  • Palazzo vecchio
  • Ponte vecchio
  • Palazzo Pitti
  • Duomo (cathedral), the cupola, battistero
  • Churches : San Lorenzo, Santa Maria Novella

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