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Volterra is a commune of 11.267 inhabitants in the province of Pisa.
The city preserves one important historical center of Etruscan origin (it remains from this age the Door of the enclosure) with Roman ruins and medieval buildings like the Cathedral and the Palate of Priori on the main place of the same name.
Volterra was a municipium at the time of Rome, it was an episcopal place starting from the fifth century, of which the important influence continued until the twelfth century.
With the decline of the episcopate, Volterra became a center of interest for Florence, which conquered it in spite of many rebellions. When the Florentine Republic fell in 1530, Volterra was detached from the capacity of the family of Medici.

Places of interest

  • Piazza dei Priori, one of the most beautiful places of Italy, surrounded by buildings of the 14th, the Palate of Priori; the municipal gallery.
  • The Roman Cathedral; the Baptistry.
  • The arch of the Door; the Etruscan Acropolis.
  • The fortress of Medicean called "Maschio".
  • The museum of Guarnacci, Etruscan, with thousands of funeral boxes going up at the Hellenistic periods.
  • Archaeological excavations of the Roman amphitheatre of the city and tombs in Valle Bona.

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