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Pisa is a commune of Tuscany of approximately 90 000 inhabitants, crossed by the Arno river. It is the seat of three university.
Until the XIVth century, Pisa was not the weak city we know, it was one of the maritime Republics, with Amalfi, Venice and Genoa, one of the most dynamic cities of the peninsula. Like Venice or Genoa, it contributes to the transport of the soldiers towards the Holy Land. Particularly pious, the sailors of Pisa, who return from Palestine, have the idea to bring back a little the ground that Christ pressed. This ground, stored in a well delimited rectangle, acquires soon the reputation to be miraculous.

Among the most important monuments of the city, the famous Place of the Miracles, declared inheritance of humanity (called today Piazza Duomo), the cathedral built of marble between 1064 and 1118, of Romance style, with its bronze gates of Bonanno Pisano and the pulpit of Giovanni Pisano. On the place the Leaning Tower of the XIIth century, high 55 meters, which starts to lean immediately after its construction. To note, that there are at least three leaning towers, including one on the place Santa Maria, close to the cathedral, the Holy bell-tower of the Church Nicolas, and the bell-tower of the church of the Michaelmas.

Places of interest in Pisa

Place of Miracles (Baptistry, leaning Tower...)
Place of the riders (Piazza dei cavalieri), Lungarno, quays of Arno.

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